Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer Nature Walk

Although it may not feel like it right now, we are still in summer and yesterday we went for a nature walk. 
A few weeks back we received a Toucan Box containing a nature bag to decorate and cards showing things to find on nature walks in each season. We decided to use the summer card before it was too late so set off to see what we could find. 
As we are lucky enough to have woods directly behind our house we explored those as well as going on an walk around the local area. 

We did pretty well finding nearly everything on the card(even the elusive sun) as well as a few extra bits and managing to fit in a few splashes in puddles.
In the afternoon while Alex napped we drew the things that we had found and labelled them. Seb even had a go at copying the words which is great as he has only recently shown an interest in writing.
We had a really good chat about seasons and the order of them and what happens in each season including the weather which he is very interested in at the moment. I can't wait until we go on our Autumn hunt in a few weeks.

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