Friday, 15 August 2014

The First Haircut

Last week while at the hairdressers i chatting to my stylist about cutting children's hair and decided on a whim to book Seb in for his first haircut. 

Anyone who knows me will know what a big deal this was, I love Sebs hair, it is full of curls and he is forever getting compliments on it. We have got to nearly 4 years old without a cut but it was starting to look a bit scruffy and needed tidying up.
I booked with the same person who cuts my hair as I knew he would be in good hands but i was still really nervous. We talked to him about it and although he didn't want it cutting I promised that only a tiny bit would be cut. 
Roll on to Friday morning and he was cool as a cucumber while I fretted. He made himself at home in the salon while we waited and was really relaxed, just asking questions about all the things around us. 
The time came for it cutting and he sat on a booster and had a gown on at which point he got a bit upset(hence no pictures) and started whimpering but once I promised I would stay next to him he was fine again. 
He had about an inch off all together and his hair is much tidier, it is hard to tell from photos as he still has lots of curls but they are less bushy looking.
It was a big day in our household! 

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