Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mission Deli Play Challenge #OnAMission

We were very lucky to recently be chosen to take part in a Mission Deli Play Challenge and those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen our recent delivery of a giant bean bag to help us along with that challenge.
Mission Deli are celebrating the launch of it's Super Soft wraps and we were sent the beanbag along with some tasty Mission Deli goodies and given the challenge to enjoy ourselves playing.

In our house play is top priority, having 2 small and rather energetic boys means we are playing from the moment we wake right up until bedtime.
The importance of play is something I am pretty passionate about and I could speak for hours on the subject. Play is a childs work and it's how children learn about the world around them, an essential part of childhood. The benefits of play are huge from developing motor skills, discovering how things work, learning language skills, dealing with emotions and developimg social skills, play covers it all. 
This doesn't change as we grow up either, research shows that play is still important for adults helping us to relax, stimulating our brains, helping us to be creative and improving our mental health. So with all those benefits it seems a shame that sometimes as adults we forget or don't make time to play! 

We all threw ourselves into this challenge, piling onto the beanbag en masse, tickling and reading books, making hills on it to drive cars and of course seeing who could do the best run and dive onto the beanbag! It is so relaxing and fun forgetting about the million and one jobs that need to be done and to just play and laugh. Here's a few photos of us enjoying our playtime. 
Of course after a hectic play session, we needed some food, what better than some Super Soft wraps! 

Thank you Mission Deli for our challenge!

For more information about Mission Deli visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

*We were sent a giant beanbag and some mission deli goodies to help us create this post but all opinions are my own**

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