Monday, 6 October 2014

Ella's Kitchen Snack Range

Last week I posted the cutest video from Ella's Kitchen and their Little Speakers Corner. The children were shouting about what matters to them when it comes to snacks and it makes for very cute viewing! 

Ella's Kitchen has recently launched a brand new snack range aimed at toddlers from 12 months onwards. The new range consists of ten different snacks all of which contain no added sugar or salt, no additives and no colourings. There are both sweet and savoury snacks all of which are suitable for vegetarians and some are dairy free too.

The boys were sent a lovely parcel of goodies from the new range to test out. As we've come to expect from Ella's Kitchen the snacks are brightly packaged and appealing to little ones. 

Ella kitchen snack range review

We received a canister of Once Upon a Time Apple and Cinnamon multigrain puffs. I love the packaging for these, both because it is resealable amd keeps the snacks fresh and because it means they can be popped into the changing bag or under the pushcair and not get squashed and broken. The boys enjoyed the snacks themselves, I mixed them in bowl with some dried fruit and it seemed to fill a hole.
We also received a pack of Hello-coptor Oat and Spelt Cookies. These come in a resealable packet, again great for freshness. The boys enjoyed these with a cup of milk as a pre bedtime snack.

The other snacks that came were savoury. I was pleased to see these as I sometimes struggle with savoury snacks and i don't like giving crisps as a regular thing.
The Carrot and Lentil Multigrain Sticks and Cheddar and Leek Multigrain Wheels were perfect alongside lunch and the packs are generously sized(the boys shared a bag). They are nice and crunchy and I have to admit I particularly liked the Cheddar and Leek flavour.
Parsnip and Poppyseed Cracker Bites and Tomato and Fennel Seeds Cracker Bites come in snack sized bags perfect for lunchboxes. Again they are nice and crunchy and I like that the flavours are different from the norm. Alex gobbled these down though Seb wasn't as keen(though he has never liked parsnips so that's probably why!).

Overall the range has a really good variety of sweet and savoury snacks. The quality was excellent as always with Ella's Kitchen and I will definitely be buying some of these again.

The range is available instores and online now with RRP's ranging from £1.79-£1.99.
If you want to know more take a look at the Ella's Kitchen website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

**We were sent some of the snack range for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own** 

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