Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Film and Fajita night with Santa Maria

Fajitas are a firm family favourite in this house and regularly appear on our meal plan so when I was offered the chance by Santa Maria to have a family film and Fajita night I jumped at the chance! 

Last week a shiny red box was delivered to us and inside were all sorts of goodies to help us have a fun family afternoon.
We chose to watch Shrek as the boys have never seen it and it's been years since I watched it. So in the box was a Shrek DVD, fajita seasoning, corn and wheat tortillas, nacho rolls, salsa, guacamole and a jar of red jalapeƱos. 
Late afternoon on Saturday we all snuggled down on the sofa with blankets and a bowl of nacho rolls and popped the DVD on.
The nacho rolls are lovely, I am not a dip person so had mine plain but Phil and the boys are and enjoyed the salsa with theirs. Alex in particular loved them and ate loads!
 Shrek was as good as I remembered, I love that it has grown up humour to keep adults amused as well as potty humour for the children(and husbands!) and I can safely say Seb is now a fan of the green ogre so we will be getting the other films to watch too!

 After the film we headed into the kitchen for our fajitas. One of the reasons I love fajitas is that they are speedy to make which is great when you are cooking for impatient little ones. Including prep it took me less than 15 minutes to make them.
 I cooked off the chicken, along with peppers and onion and added the seasoning. Meanwhile the tortillas were warming in the oven wrapped in some foil. I used the medium seasoning which was just right for me and the boys, though I imagine Phil would have been happier with the hot one!
 We all tucked in and as usual the boys loved their fajitas, both had the salsa and guacamole on the side as dips and they emptied their plates. The tortillas were different to the ones we usually buy and they were really lovely and soft so i'll definately be buying those again.
We had a fab family afternoon and it's something we'll definately be repeating in future, especially with winter creeping up on us.

For more information on Santa Maria, take a look at their website or Facebook

**We were sent a box of goodies from Santa Maria for the purpose of this post but all opinoos are my own**

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