Friday, 3 October 2014

No Sew Autumn Bunting

Autumn is such a pretty time in nature, I love Autumnal colours and wanted to bring some of them into the house so last week I set about making some Autumn bunting for the playroom. 
Of course I enlisted my little helpers to help me make it! 
Some of you may remember our conker painting from last year. It was such fun that I wanted to do it again so I incorporated it into our bunting making.
I printed out a few leaf shapes and we headed out to the woods to collect some conkers and leaves(for later). I had an empty celebrations tub in the craft cupboard so popped a leaf shape in along with a couple of squirts of paint and a couple of conkers and got the boys to take turns shaking them about. Alex particularly loved doing this, it's much more suited to smaller children than leaf prints which can require a gentle touch to avoid smudges. Once we got a good covering we swapped for a different leaf.
I let them dry and cut the shapes out and at the same time cut some bunting triangles from some felt sheets I had. I then attached them all to some twine using washi tape. 
I'm pleased with how it turned out, it's a cute addition to the playroom and the boys love having their art displayed. 

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