Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Should this magazine cover be on display for children to see?

Today we popped into town to the library and then to the supermarket to pick up some bits for lunch. When we got to the tills to pay I had a look a the magazines on display there and was pretty surprised to see Closer magazine with this cover for sale at the exact height that Alex and Seb were at while sat in the trolley. There were more copies at other tills and at the front of the shop with the other magazines too, also viewable by children. 
Now I'm not a prude at all, the human body is an amazing thing  but this made me really uncomfortable. The cover is basically soft porn, it is a sexual image(huge pout,tousled hair, silky sheets) and reminded me of top shelf mags. If that is how Lauren Goodger wants to get exposure(pun intended) then fair play to her but I don't think it should be on display for young children to see in the supermarket. 

There has always been debate over magazines on display in shops. Just last year most major retailers agreed to display lads mags out of view of children but what about magazines covers like this one? After a quick google of a couple of lads mags I looked at some covers and this is on par with those. I don't want my children seeing sexual images like this or thinking that women should look like this(surgically enhanced and heavily airbrushed) or that they have to take their clothes off to be sexy.  It amazes me that people still complain about women breastfeeding in public(where there is very little breast to see) yet images like this are OK.

It isn't just that supermarket of course, that's just where we were today.  After tweeting about it, it seems other supermarkets also have the magazine on display in similar ways. 

Today my 2 were more interested in the gingerbread men we were buying, but I can just imagine on a different day Seb asking me about that lady on the magazine, he is 3, boobs are hilarious and interesting to him of course he would look.

I would to know what you think? 

**I tweeted the supermarket in question and Closer regarding this today but have had no response from them as yet**

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