Saturday, 18 October 2014

Spooky pumpkin decorations

This week we've been doing lots of pumpkin based activities.
These cute decorations are perfect to brighten up the house for Halloween and are super simple to make. Apples make a great pumpkin print and are much easier for little ones to handle!

I poured out orange paint and chopped an apple in half. I stuck a fork into each apple half(thank you pintrest for that idea) for easy grip and got the boys printing. Seb was a dab hand at this but most of Alex's came out smudged(he isn't even 2 yet) so we gave him a helping hand to make sure we had a few usable prints. We used fingertips in green paint to add stalks on to our prints. 

Once dry I cut out the prints and we got to work on adding faces. I cut out shapes from black card to stick on. It was a good chance to talk about different emotions and facial expressions and we showed our own happy,  sad and scary faces to each other. Once these were done I attached them to some string and attached these to some Halloween straws I picked up in the pound shop. You could also use lollipop sticks to attatch them to.

Ours are stuck up in the kitchen with some washi tape for bow but I'll be putting them in the window come Halloween!

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