Saturday, 24 January 2015

Slow Cooked Chinese Chicken Curry

Fakeaways are hugely popular at the moment. Pizzas, kebabs, and homemade nuggets everyone is looking to be a little bit healthier and spend a little less money. Chinese Chicken Curry is probably my favourite of all takeaways and it is so easy to make yourself at home.
Goldfish Chinese Chicken Curry Paste is the magic ingredient and it tastes exactly like the takeaway version. I buy mine from this seller on ebay but I believe it is available in some supermarkets too. You can make this without a slow cooker of course but I much prefer it done this way.

Slow cooker Chinese chicken curry fakeaway

300g diced chicken breast
2 large brown onions
100g Goldfish Chinese Curry Concentrate
300ml water
A couple of handfuls of frozen peas

Peel onions and chop it into chunky pieces, pop into the slow cooker and add the chicken breast. In a jug mix the Chinese Curry Concentrate and water together and then add to the slow cooker. Cook for around 5 hours on low (3 on high).  Around 15 minutes before you want to eat throw in the peas.

Serve with noodles or rice. Chopsticks optional!

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