Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Should Sex Education be compulsory?

Sex education has been hitting the headlines today as MP’s have recommended that all primary and secondary schools in England should have to teach about sex and relationships. This follows a recent report by Ofsted that found a third of schools were failing to provide age appropriate education in this area. MP Graham Stuart said “young people have a right to information that will keep them safe”. In response the government has said that it will consider the findings carefully.

So should sex education be compulsory In primary and secondary schools?

In my opinion, yes it should be. I actually thought it already was, certainly I remember having sex education way back when I was in Primary School over 20 years ago and then again in secondary school.
In an ideal world it wouldn’t be needed, parents would honestly answer childrens natural questions about sex and relationships as they came up, teach them how to protect themselves and about self respect and respecting others. I think we all know this isn’t the case many parents are embarrassed, lack proper knowledge or simply don’t want to talk to their children about this subject.
Sex and relationships are natural and healthy and are an important part of growing up and children should know and understand this. I feel that this is a subject where parents and schools should support each other and work together. Parents should be aware of what is being taught when and should support this learning and be open to questions from their children. Schools should listen to any concerns a parent has and respect them.
It is of course important that the education is age appropriate, I’m not talking about 5 year olds learning about STD’s but children do need to learn about it before year 11, before they are having sex. Even back when I was at school plenty of teens were having sex underage, it is nothing new to be taking photos of yourself pouting and showing off your cleavage, who remembers MSN messenger profile pictures and profiles on chat rooms? Today teens have moved on to Facebook and sexting and other things I have probably never heard of.
I have written before about answering awkward questions and how I aim to be honest with my own children, I hope this means they can always come to me when they have questions, I think it’s important and in my mind knowledge is power.
Do you think sex education should be compulsory in our schools?

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