Wednesday, 15 April 2015

No school place for us

Tonight many parents of 3 and 4 year olds across the country will be waiting up nervously for THAT email to arrive in their inbox, the email that tells them what primary school their child will be attending in September. I am mum of a 4.5 year old but there will be no school place for us.
I decided months ago not to apply for a school place even "just in case", it seemed a bit pointless when I had no intention of him attending. With each stage that has passes it feels more and more like we are now home educating instead of simply parenting(that's a whole other blog post). I guess September when everyone begins school will be the last stage although nothing will change in our house, we will simply carry on as we are; learning through play and everyday life, following Sebs lead.
People are starting to ask about Seb and school;  if he has been that day, is he due to start in September and so on. I haven't had any negative responses (to my face) about home education yet but I'm sure I will have to deal with it at some point. Seb himself has happily told people that his school is at home, not something I have told him but it seems he has worked it out himself.
I feel confident in my choice at the moment, I feel it is the right path for our family right now and we are excitedly making plans for September such as Not Back to School picnics and a Center Parcs break.

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