Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Deschooling Myself

Recently i have been planning out our first term of home education and in doing so I have realised I need to deschooling myself.
A term used for children who have been removed from a school environment; deschooling means adjusting to learning in an unstructured environment. Parents also often find they need to deschool themselves too. Like most people I went through the state school system and until the last few years assumed any children I had would follow suit. Of course we have decided to not to take that route. When starting my planning I realised just how much school had stuck with me and it really surprised me!
I like to think that i am quite relaxed, sit down formal learning is a rarity for us unless Seb wants to do a workbook(he loves them). much of our time is taken up with free play and living life. I like to see where Sebs interests go and how he learns naturally through his own curiosity. So why did I find myself thinking about the National Curriculum when embarking on my planning? I certainly don't want to create a school environment at home, I love the freedom home ed allows.
For me planning is a must now we have reached school age. I know many home educators don't feel the need but i find for myself that I need a bit of a plan, nothing timetabled or formal just a general plan of ideas around topics, things of interest printed off ready to use. I do want to make sure Seb has a good base of literacy and numeracy incase he does go into the school system a bit further down the line so I am planning on ensuring that is fitted into our daily lives. Perhaps that is my schooled side coming out as I know many say that children tend to catch up anyway.
I think deschooling myself will certainly take some time but I am sure I will get there.

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