Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Six weeks pregnant

Six weeks pregnant,  lentil

Baby is the size of a lentil now and this week it’s heart has split into 2 chambers and has started beating. Early features have also starting formin. Pretty amazing! This may be my third pregnancy but I still think the whole thing is a miracle.
I am feeling pretty well really. I have been tired but I think that’d more because I have been solo parenting for nearly the whole week and Alex has had a couple of bad nights sleep plus early mornings.so far i’very had no nausea or bloating. To be honest if I hadn’t of tested I wouldn’t know I was pregnant at all! I am definitely not complaining though, it makes life far easier so long may it continue!
This week I have started on pregnancy vitamins instead of just taking plain folic acid, my appetite isn’t great at the moment so I want the extra vitamins as this stage is so crucial for baby’s development. I have been drooling over baby clothes this week and also thinking about questions for my booking in appointment about nuchal screening, birth options, breastfeeding and so on.
**I wrote this post several weeks ago before announcing my pregnancy, I am now 13 weeks pregnant!**

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