Friday, 11 September 2015

Baby number three

Meet the newest member of our family! Yes baby number three is on his or her way due to make their appearance in March 2016.
Baby number 3

I think scans get scarier the more children you have, maybe because you have more knowledge of the things that can go wrong particularly now we have the Internet. There I was nervous and desperate for a wee and 5 minutes later I saw our baby jumping around on the screen it's little heart beating away and I was elated.  We were in with the sonographer for quite a while as baby was awkward and it was difficult to get some measurements so I got to see the baby up to all sorts.
We have known for over 8 weeks now and while with the boys I told people early on, this time I have enjoyed keeping it a secret. I have been feeling fine generally just tIred. and as with my second pregnancy I seem to be getting big really early, even though baby is still tiny I think Sebastian ruined my stomach muscles! 
I was so looking forward to telling the boys. Alex of course is still a bit young to really understand but Seb has been talking about new babies for ages. His reaction was very cute, stroking my stomach and saying awww and asking what we could call the baby and saying we would need to buy a baby bed and clothes. I think he will be fine but I am definitely expecting some jealousy from Alex when baby arrives as he is very much the baby in the family.
I have been writing pregnancy posts each week and these will start publishing in the next few days, I've loved writing them, even though we kept it quiet it meant I could still write how I have been feeling along the way. I am so looking forward to baby number three, there is something so magical about the whole process of pregnancy and bringing a new life into the world.

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