Thursday, 24 September 2015

Eight Weeks Pregnant

That first trimester tiredness has finally hit me. I have had to have a couple of afternoon naps this week. My boobs are also really sore again, and when Alex climbs on me or leans on them I have to stop myself shouting out. I have also been very bloated for the last couple of days and I look about 5 months gone if I wear anything fitted! With Alex I was the same but my bloat never went down it just turned into a bump, so I am interested to see what happens this time!
As my booking in appointment approaches I have been thinking quite a bit about the type of birth I would like. I was told any more children would automatically be born by cesarean as I have had two previously but I would like to explore other options too. We have also been talking about wether to have the nuchal screening. I didn’t have it previously but I am undecided this time. Once my booking in appointment is out of the way I can start to look forward too(and dread) my 12 week scan.

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