Monday, 28 September 2015

Eleven Weeks Pregnant

I am definitely looking bumpy this week and i dug out a lone pair of maternity leggings fit hat I had in my wardrobe from when I had Alex. I forgot how comfortable they are, so much better than rolling down my normal leggings!! My dresses are still fine to wear but I definitely need to buy some more maternity leggings and tights after the scan. Generally I still feel fine, I am definitely feeling emotional right now though and crying at random things.
This week baby is the size of a fig, just over 4cm long from head to rump. Everything is there from tooth buds to toenails and baby is taking advantage of the space in there kicking and stretching away. I can’t wait to feel those first movements.
I’m on the scan countdown now, I am so excited to tell Seb. We ate lunch out this week and there was a new baby in the same place and he didn’t stop talking about it all the time we were there. I don’t know if Alex will really understand and I am already worried that he may get jealous when the baby comes as he is very much our baby right now!
**This post was written a few weeks ago before I announced my pregnancy. I am now 15 weeks pregnant**

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