Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Five weeks pregnant

So here i am, five weeks pregnant. I'll be honest this last week has really dragged for me and I am pretty sure the next few will too. This stage of pregnancy is so full of uncertainty and worry.

I joined up to my birth club on Babycentre and it is heartbreaking seeing the posts from ladies who sadly suffer losses. Along with the natural excitement of pregnancy it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster to be honest. Baby is the size of a peppercorn and is resembling a tadpole right now. At this stage, the major organs are developing and buds are appearing which will become arms and legs. Funny to think these changes are going on inside you and nobody knows,

 I still feel fine just a bit rundown, I've had a couple of days where I have felt really shattered but i'm not sure if that's pregnancy related or the fact that Alex likes to be up with the lark! Phil is working away this weekend so I am hoping the symptoms carry on holding off until he is back.

I  have phoned and got a date for my booking in appointment arranged (20th August) so that's something to aim towards. We also popped into Mothercare this weekend for a little browse, I fancy a co sleeping crib this time and I also saw a nice travel system although I want to babywear more this time. We also went through all of the baby clothes we have, I forgot how tiny newborns are! I managed to pop a few bits aside for charity, some to sell and the rest to keep. Once we get to 20 weeks and if we can find out the gender we can sort through again though most things I would use for either gender.

 **I wrote this post several weeks go before announcing my pregnancy,  I am now 12 weeks pregnant**

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