Friday, 25 September 2015

Nine Weeks Pregnant

Nine weeks pregnant! Nearly double figures now! The end of the first worry get 12 weeks feels in touching distance. Baby has all of his or her body parts now although not fully formed and the placenta is now working away making nutrients and getting rid of waste products.
I had my booking in appointment this week and the stand in midwife i saw was great. I was left feeling really positive regarding birth(that’s a whole other post!), breastfeeding and everything else. I will be calling the hospital and booking my 12 week scan after the weekend which is really exciting! 
I have felt a bit headachey this week but I think it’s down to tiredness, we had a pretty busy week so it caught up with me plus of course there is a baby growing inside of me. I am still bloated, my stomach looks huge at times! Apart from that I feel okay, fingers crossed it stays that way, after so much sickness in my last pregnancy I am waiting for it to arrive. 
This week I also got my first craving! I could not stop thinking about fish from the chip shop, I think it was the batter I wanted. As I don’t generally eat fish it was a bit weird really and Phil was pretty surprised when I sat and ate a big portion of fish, he told the man at the shop I was pregnant so he gave me extras!
You can follow my pregnancy journey over the coming months.

**I wrote this post several weeks ago before announcing my pregnancy, I am now 14 weeks pregnant!**

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