Sunday, 13 September 2015

Poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This weekend we went to see the poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. If you aren't already aware the poppies are part of the display that was at The Tower of London to mark 100 years since the start of World War One.
Poppies at the Yorkshire sculpture park

It is only the second weekend of the poppies being on display and the park was the busiest we have ever seen it, we were turned away from the first car park as is was full but luckily got a space in another one.  We headed up to the poppy display, the route is clearly marked with arrowed poppy signs, though we meandered a little to look at some other sculptures as we know the way anyway.

The bridge where the poppies are on displayed is the perfect place for the stunning display, there were plenty of people around but we managed to get a great view both from the bottom and on the bridge. Each poppy is handmade and when you get up close you can see that they are unique. It really was a beautiful sight.
Poppies at the Yorkshire sculpture park

I think it is really important to teach our children about the significance of the poppy and about history and visiting the display provided a great conversation starter with Seb, I explained to him that each poppy represented a soldier who died and the poppy is the symbol we use to remember them.

Wave is on display at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park until January. Remember to explore the rest of the park too, there is so much to see.

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