Saturday, 19 September 2015

Seven Weeks Pregnant

Seven weeks pregnant, grape

Baby is apparently the size of a grape this week which seems a pretty big jump from last week’s lentil!
This week I have had some real tiredness. I am also full of cold (caught from the boys) so I have been feeling rubbishy. Fresh air helps so as it has been mainly dry we have been enjoying the park quite a bit. It also tires the boys out! My appetite has pretty much dissapeared, but I am making myself eat at least something and take my vitamins. With Alex was already looking pregnant due to bloating at this stage but this time is different and I just look normal.
We also told our parents this week. I needed someone to take the boys while I have my booking in appointment so we figured we should just tell them. It makes me smile that people look at you like you will suddenly have a huge bump!
**I wrote this post several weeks ago before announcing my pregnancy, I am now 13 weeks pregnant!*

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