Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ten Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is now the size of a green olive. Despite being tiny they are active in there kicking away even though it can’t be felt yet. I love the fact that they already have fingernails, so cute!
I still have some tiredness but apart from that I am fine. I am so greatful to have been spared most of those first trimester horrors and long may it continue! I have defiantly noticed that I am looking bigger right now, I had to roll the top of my leggings down the other day because they felt too tight round my stomach.
My scan is now booked for exactly 12 weeks. I am sure of my dates so hopefully they won’t change. I absolutely can’t wait to tell the boys now, I have considered booking a private scan this time around 16 weeks so I can take the boys along to show them. I know Sebastian would be fascinated by it.
**I wrote this post several weeks ago before announcing my pregnancy, I am now 14 weeks pregnant, you can read more of my pregnancy posts here**

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