Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Fifteen weeks pregnant

Baby is around the size of an apple this week, I can’t believe how much it has grown already in just a few weeks. I however just look pretty fat at the moment, the bloating has gone and so my bump has lost some of it’s roundness, it’s an awkward stage!

I have been full of cold this week and we have been away at Center Parcs so frankly I have been exhausted! Plus heartburn has reared it’s ugly head a couple of times so i have made sure i have Gaviscon to hand! My skin is really dry and itchy which is driving me mad right now, i had this with Alex too for a while, i hope it passes soon. On the flip side I have felt what I think is some early movement, I can’t wait for it to get more definate, I love it when you can see the moment on the outside.
It’s at this stage that baby starts to get hiccups (though not felt on the outside yet!), all limbs are now able to move and you should be able to tell the gender from a scan. We have our private gender scan next week at 16 1, I cannot wait for this now, not really for the gender to be honest, more to see what the boys make of the scan and of course to be see my little baby wriggling around in there.

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