Friday, 30 October 2015

Nineteen weeks pregnant update

I took this bump shot last weekend so was 18 and a half weeks pregnant, but I haven’t grown any since then. I usually wear looser skater style dresses so this dress really showed my bump off for a change. I am enjoying this pregnancy so far, despite having had a couple of sicky moments this last week, usually sudden and in reaction to a food. I am enjoying the wriggly movements, the knowing that there is a tiny person growing inside me and the regular chats the boys have with the baby. Seb asked how long until the baby will come out and told me how he would get a bit more excited each week and when the baby came he would give it a really big cuddle, it warms my heart and eases any guilt knowing how excited he is. My appetite is on and off, I have started getting hungry at about 10pm but am avoiding eating at this time incase of the dreaded heartburn.
There is only a week now until my anomaly scan, I always get so nervous for them and can feel myself stressing already. The sonographer said everything looked fine at 16 weeks when we had our gender scan but I still worry especially as Phil isn’t able to come with me to this one. My mum will be coming with me instead which I think will be really nice for us both.

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