Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Twenty Four weeks pregnant

At twenty four weeks pregnant baby is around the length of an ear of sweetcorn and weighs approximately 600g. His lungs are developing and his brain is growing rapidly. Twenty four weeks also means baby is now considered viable so it is a lovely milestone to reach.
I finally got myself a couple of maternity dresses this weekend and I am really pleased with them. New Look sells some lovely affordable maternity pieces. I seem to have taken on the typical stance of a pregnant lady in this weeks photo.

Baby has seemingly changed position this week so my movements have changed, and while I can still feel him wriggling away the big pounding kicks feel softer. You can still see him through my clothes though! He seems to be most active early morning, mid afternoon and late evening, basically the times when I am most likely to be sat down and pay attention to him. I have felt good, a bit tired but then I struggle to get to sleep at night so I can’t win on that one. I am still loving cheese and also peppers at the moment, also omlettes which is good as they are so easy to make and the eggs are full of protein.
I have a midwife appointment at the end of the week to keep an eye on my blood pressure, so hopefully all will be well with that.

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