Sunday, 15 November 2015

Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

Twenty one weeks pregnant, bump shot

We can now see baby’s movements really clearly from the outside, it is so funny to see your bump moving around and it is really lovely too although it does feel early on and like this baby is in a hurry to do everything! I feel pretty good, the tiredness seems to have eased despite me having a lack of sleep, I haven’t been sick this week and I am generally feeling okay and pretty relaxed(apart from the odd hormonal moment).
I had my consultant appointment on Wednesday, the consultant told me this baby would be another c section but I have said no, that if my pregnancy carries on healthily I want to try for a vba2c. So although it isn’t “routine” I have made my wishes clear and if I go into spontaneous labour I will be supported though they will not induce me. I have to go back at 36 weeks to see the consultant again so fingers crossed pregnancy carries on smoothly!
People keep asking about names and coming up with suggestions but we haven’t really spent lots of time talking about it. I feel like we have ages to go and frankly naming a third boy is going to be pretty difficult, it was hard enough last time around!
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