Sunday, 29 November 2015

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

At twenty three weeks pregnant baby is around 500g about the same as a large mango. He will be hearing the outside world along with my heartbeat and stomach noises. His lungs are also developing and getting ready for breathing.

Twenty three weeks pregnant

I definitely feel smaller this time compared to with Alex, i also look pregnant from the front which i never did in my last two pregnancies, I am still not wearing maternity clothes apart from leggings and tights. I have ordered a couple of dresses this week though. My appetite is coming back, late night snacks have started this week. I could not stop thinking about flapjack a few days ago so I had to make some at 10pm, it was so worth it though. I can feel that baby has moved up now, my movements are higher and I am feeling lots of rolls as well as kicks and of course watching him move around too. I have plenty of energy though I did feel a bit sore in my pelvis after a trip into Leeds with the boys, we walked absolutely loads and I think that caused it because I was okay after a good rest.
I saw my midwife this week, I finally met my actual midwife! All is fine, i heard the heartbeat pounding away. I have to go back in a couple of weeks to keep an eye on my blood pressure, though it is fine at the moment. I explained that I was opting not to have the flu jab but that I would be having the whooping cough vaccine.
Although i wasn’t planning on buying anything now until the new year, i caved and took advantage of a couple of Amazon offers, I ordered a Tommee Tippee manual breast pump and some bottles. I know the pump has mixed reviews but I have used it before and it worked for me and I will upgrade later on if I need too.

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