Friday, 6 November 2015

Twenty weeks pregnant

This week has been pretty exciting, Phil felt the baby move for the first time, it honestly feels far too early for that but this boy is so strong and is so active throughout the day and night. It was lovely for Phil to feel and I don’t think that special feeling ever goes away no matter how many babies you have. When I was getting changed at the weekend I could see where the baby had moved to my left hand side, there was a big bulge there, again it seems far too early for that, I remember these things being much later with Alex.

I had my anomaly scan, which was fun, baby would not stop moving around and kicking me the whole time and making it hard to get the measurements the sonographer needed so I had to lie in all sorts of positions and eventually to for a walk up and down some stairs and finally the measurements were taken. All looks fine and the measurements are pretty much bang on the 50th centile, yay!
Health wise I am feeling good, I was sick on the morning of my scan but I think that was more due to nerves than anything else. I feel fine and and enjoying seeing my body change, it really is amazing growing a new human.
I have my first consultant appointment next week, when I had Alex they told me that any future children I had would be born by c section but I really want to try for a vba2c with minimal intervention so I am expecting a bit of a fight for it.

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