Thursday, 10 December 2015

Clay Tree Ornaments

This week we made some clay tree ornaments. Every year I make salt dough tree decorations with the boys, we have been doing this since Sebastian was one so I am well versed in the art of salt dough by now and both sets of grandparents have lots of salt dough decorations, although they can go a bit horrible ours have lasted really well. I was all set to make some more this year when i remembered that I had a big tub of clay right at the back of my craft cupboard (yes I have a huge cupboardful along with a TROFAST unit from Ikea) and decided to use that for this years ornaments instead.

Clay Tree Ornaments, Christmas tree star

The clay I had is Air Drying clay from Early Learning Centre, it is really easy to work and roll out and simple enough to mould too. We rolled it out to around 1/2 cm thick and used some Christmas themed cookie cutters to cut some shapes. Remember to add a hole to your ormanents so that you can hang them, i use a drinking straw to pop a hole in mine.
Clay tree ornaments, air dry clay
To speed up the drying out process (it usually takes a couple of days) I popped them on top of the radiators while they were on during the evening and they dried really quickly that way.
We painted our ornaments with normal childrens paints and left them to dry before adding glitter paints on top or painted baubles on to the trees. I then added some twine to hang them with.

Clay tree ornaments

Clay tree ornaments, gingerbread man

Clay tree ornaments

These make such lovely keepsakes for yourselves or grandparents and it would be lovely to buildup a collection over the years.
Top Tip Use a cocktail stick or skewer to initial and add the year to the back of your ornaments.

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