Thursday, 31 December 2015

Easy Rainbow Thank You Cards

You all know that I love a rainbow and crafts so this week combined the two to make easy rainbow thank you cards with the boys for all those who kindly gave them presents this Christmas.
Easy rainbow thank you cards

This weird time between Christmas and New Year sees so many of us feeling sluggish and lazy making these super simple cards perfect. All you need is card, paper, paint and a printer.

You can use any paint but for this i dug out our solid paint sticks. We actually haven't used these in ages but I have to say how much I love them, they are perfect for practically mess free painting(unless your name is Alex and you paint your hands red with them) and they are great for all ages as they are really chunky. I must remember to use them more often.

We stuck to rainbow brights and I got the boys to decorate some plain paper with rainbow stripes or polka dots. Once dried I cut out squares and rectangles and stuck them onto some folded card. Using the Create function on Twinkl(really easy to use) I made some thank you labels, printed them out and stuck them on top of the painting.

And there you have rainbow themed thank you cards!
Rainbow thank you cards

Rainbow thank you cards

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