Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Just before Christmas I had some issues with the hosting of my blog and this has led to me losing over a year's worth of blog content. As any blogger would understand I was pretty upset about it all and was left feeling a bit overwhelmed at what I needed to do to try and reset my blog up. 

As it was my birthday and then Christmas I decided to leave it until the festive season had past and come back to it afterwards. So here I am with a quite a bit less content but I am going to try and get everything back in working order in my spare time without getting too stressed (I am meant to be watching my blood pressure after all!).

I still feel a bit overwhelmed with it all to be honest, I lost so much but I need to move onwards, I have missed writing my blog, I have brands that I work with and I was lost without my written down weekly meal plan so that will be back from Monday.  New year, new start!

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