Monday, 14 December 2015

Twenty Five Weeks Pregnant

At twenty five weeks pregnant baby is around 35cm long and weighs about the same as an average swede. Baby is starting to fatten up now and looks more like a newborn.
25 weeks pregnant, bump, twenty five weeks pregnant

My midwife appointment went well, normal blood pressure yay, she measured my fundal height for the first time(measuring 26 weeks) and the student listened in for the heartbeat and we could see him kicking out. I am back in to see her a on New Years Eve and also have a Glucose Tolerance Test at the hospital that week (fasting right after Christmas when I should be eating chocolate!). I keep thinking after Christmas when we start to prepare more that it might start to hit me a bit more that we are going to be having another baby, it still doesn’t quite seem real and I feel really relaxed about the whole thing,
I have felt fine as usual, a bit tired and grumpy for a couple of days but I guess at almost 6 months pregnant that’s to be expected. I had an afternoon nap on Saturday which was so lovely, I am so great full to Phil for entertaining the boys while I rested. My c section scar felt a bit tender at one point this week, almost like I had bruised it but a soak in a warm bath seemed to sort it out quick enough, I am hoping to avoid any more of that for a while. I feel a lot smaller this time, with Alex my bump was absolutely huge, I am going to dig out a photo for comparison.
I ordered some new pj’s for the boys and couldn’t resist buying a super cute banana print romper for the baby too ♡ I have seen some lovely bits on the H&M website too but am waiting for the sales now.

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