Sunday, 31 January 2016

32 weeks pregnant

Wow I can't quite believe I am 32 weeks pregnant, I honestly thought that this pregnancy would drag but it is flying past. Tomorrow is February and I am due in March! Baby at this stage weighs roughly 3 and a half pounds, and may have a full head of hair, I am excited to see if he will have hair like his brothers did or not!
32 weeks pregnant bump

I am officially reaching the huge stage! I thought i was pretty small but i am definitely getting big now, I am only 5ft so baby has limited space to grow so outwards it is , I don't mind though and am continuing to enjoy being pregnant, the movements are still crazy, he is literally partying away in there! I am still lucky and feel good, though tiredness is definitely getting to me., Phil got me a v cushion in the Aldi baby event and it has made it so much easier to get comfortable at night.

We have carried on getting organised this week, our crib is on order (we went for the Chicco Next To Me), my changing bag is on its way and I have picked up some baby event bargains (I recommend the cellular blankets and muslins in the Aldi event). I need to get some time to go shopping on my own for the last few bits for my hospital bag(huge pants etc) and order a sling and then we are pretty much ready to go. I feel so much calmer now that we are more organised.

I had the health visitor come round this week, she was here for around 30-40 minutes, it was okay but I don't feel I got loads from it, maybe better for first time mums or those who have any concerns or worries. She asked about birth, breastfeeding, relationships, contraception and so on.

In the last couple of days I have been thinking quite a bit about birth; as I have never had a vaginal birth I feel like a novice plus with him being breech at my last appointment I am a bit uncertain.  I will be seeing the midwife this week so hopefully he will have turned around as I have been encouraging him too.

Only 8 weeks to go!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Valentines Crafting with Baker Ross

Our most recent box from Baker Ross contained crafts for Valentines Day and Mothers Day. I really look forward to our deliveries, as we are guaranteed to have some fun with the crafts inside.

Valentines crafting with baker ross

The first kit we opened was this Heart Bead Decoration kit. Everything you need is included, and there are clear easy to follow instructions on the packaging. The boys both enjoyed threading the beads onto the pipe cleaners which is great for fine motor skill practice, I have to admit I also really enjoyed making these too and they look really cute dotted around the house. 
Priced at £3.49 for 6 this is a good value product, I can see them being really popular at a girlie sleepover.
Valentines crafting with baker ross

Valentines crafting with baker ross

Both boys were desperate to make the Heart Pets Photo Frame Magnets as soon as they saw them.  Again everything you need is included in the kit and in this set each frame comes individually wrapped with their own simple instructions making them ideal for groups or to be included in party bags. They are easy enough even for the youngest toddler to help with and make really cute keepsakes especially if you add a photo in. These are just £2.99 for 4 different fram designs.
Valentines crafting with baker ross

Valentines crafting with baker ross

If your child is giving out Valentines gifts to those they love these cute Heart Colour-in Mini Gift Bags would be ideal to pop them inside alongside a packet of Love Hearts. All children(and adults) love to colour so these are a great way to spend time together on a rainy afternoon.  Priced at £2.50 for 6 bags, these are an affordable craft for all.

We can't wait to get stuck into our Mothers Day crafts.

**We were sent these products for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own**

Family Fever

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Heart Sugar Cookies

At this time of year everything starts to go a little bit heart shaped as the 14th of February looms. Perfect for Valentines Day these pretty Heart Sugar Cookies are lovely to make with little ones and are sweet to eat too.

Heart sugar cookies

Heart sugar cookies

225g softened butter
200g sugar
1 egg
1tsp vanilla essence
340g self raising flour
pink or red food colouring (I use sugarflair gels)
Preheat the oven to 190°C. In a large mixing bowl, cream the sugar and butter together, once fluffy add the egg and vanilla and beat. Slowly mix in the flour, add a little food colouring and then get your hands in to help bring the dough together and distribute the colouring.
Roll the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and cut out the heart shapes before popping onto a baking tray.Make sure to leave a little space around each to allow for spread.
Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Leave to cool slightly before moving onto wire cooling rack.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Perfect Cup of Tea, book review and giveaway!

It is no secret that I really love a cup of tea, so when I was given the chance to review a new book based around my favourite beverage I had to say yes!
The perfect up of tea by Sonia Malik

The Perfect Cup of Tea by writer and illustrator Sonia Malik is a charming new children's book published by the fabulous Fisherton Press.

"From Presidents to astronauts, Kings and Queens to normal mums and dads, everyone has their own way of making a cup of tea. But which way is best? "

Inspired by George Orwell's essay 'A Nice a Cup of Tea' the book takes you through various people enjoying tea and the different ways it can be made from using a teapot to adding sugar. With gorgeous clear illustrations alongside simple bold text the book is appealing to children and adults alike.

The boys definitely recognised me as the mummy in the book and they love the idea of all different people drinking tea, even in space! The book is easy to follow and understand and Sebastian is able to read the text aloud without help from me.
I love the illustrations and I did have a chuckle at the part where it shows how mummy and daddy make the tea differently as it is exactly the way it happens in this house! A great book for any tea loving parents out there.

The Perfect Cup of Tea is available now with an RRP of £6.99.

If you would like to win your own copy of The Perfect Cup of Tea, simply enter via the rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Family Fever
**I was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own**

Monday, 25 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 25/1

Happy Monday Meal Planners! How are we planning for the last week of January already? Madness.

We did okay with last week's meal plan, we missed one day(homemade burgers) but I am happy with that as we have done so well in the last few weeks and we'll have it this week instead. Apart from that everything was good, Pizza Pasta Bake went down well (I will blog the recipe at some point) and so did our Chinese Curry.
Yesterday we had a baking morning making a white chocolate tea bread (A Girl Called Jack) and some heart shaped cookies (recipe coming this week).
Meal planning Monday 25/1

On Friday morning we went to Frankie and Bennys for breakfast as a treat and it was SO good, I had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which were scrummy. It was really nice to have someone else cook breakfast so we will definitely head out for breakfast again. 
Talking of breakfast, this week is National Breakfast Week, so I am sharing our breakfasts over on Instagram during the week. I love seeing what people are eating.

On to this week's meal plan! I am doing my online shop with Morrisons again, seriously impressed with them so far. 

Monday Pasta, Pesto and Peas
Tuesday Salmon, mash and broccoli 
Wednesday Pizza and garlic bread
Thursday Homemade beef burgers with wedges and salad
Friday Garlic Parmesan Pasta
Saturday Fish Finger sandwiches, waffles and veg (a total freezer dinner!)
Sunday Slow cooker chilli and jacket potatoes

As usual I am linking up with Meal Planning Monday over on At Home With Mrs M.

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

January at Cannon Hall Farm

A farm trip on a frosty January morning is probably not the most appealing idea to many parents but this week we did just that. We live pretty close to Cannon Hall Farm(famous for it's TV appearances) and they are currently offering farm entry for £3.95 a person which includes entry to their soft play centre.

I have visited quite a few times over the years with school classes and now with the boys, the farm has changed so much and is looking amazing and they are still adding more. Last time we visited the farm the soft play centre was still being built so I was curious to see what it would be like.
Sheep racing

We wrapped up warm and arrived just in time to watch a famous sheep race, there are free bets and the winner wins a return visit to the farm. Everyone loves the sheep racing, even the sheep as they get a tasty snack at the end! There is also ferret racing going on.

Then we pottered around the farm visiting all of the animals in the barns, giving them food and stroking a rabbit and guinea pig in the petting area.

After the animals we headed to soft play. I was really impressed to be honest, the soft play is one of the best i've seen with terrifying drop slides for older children and a really well sized and equipped area for younger children. The boys loved the giant Lego style building blocks and the air blower that kept the play balls hovering magically. Everything was clean and well maintained and there is loads of seating.

We had some drinks to warm us up, the boys had babycinnos and I had a white hot chocolate (this was AMAZING!). There is a decent food menu too, prices are on par with other soft plays around but the food (I nosed at other peoples) looked really nice and well presented too.

After a good run around we headed for the exit and the Cannon Hall farm shop. So much yummyness to be had. I love farm shops and there is absolutely loads to choose from at Cannon Hall from gorgeous fresh veg to pork pies on the deli. We grabbed a few bits and headed off home with 2 worn out boys just as the heavens decided to open.

Why is it okay to shame women? #CBB

Last night we were looking for something to watch before heading to bed when Phil put Celebrity Big Brother on. We don't watch the show so apart from what I have seen people say on social media I don't know anything about it or what has been going on but up the bit I saw last night was absolutely appalling.

Three of the men were sorting the washing out and found a pair of girls pants with discharge in them. They proceeded to act like 13 year old boys and all had a look at this 'pigeon sh!t' discharge and put these pants on the table and went and told everyone else about them, cue the women acting disgusted and coming to look too. Gemma Collins even declared that it wasn't normal. Eventually Steph admitted they were hers.

How is that situation acceptable? These are not young teens, the men in question are 47, 46 and 44. Gemma Collins is 34 and Daniella Westbrook is 42 and a mother yet they all felt it was fine to humiliate a 22 year old girl for having discharge in her underwear. How would Darren Day or Daniella Westbrook feel if that was their children being humiliated in one of the most personal ways possible? It doesn't matter if you don't get on with someone and it doesn't matter if the pants had been lying around(though not ideal in a shared house!), nobody should be shamed for a normal bodily function.

Steph blamed the discharge firstly on her having problems, secondly on being h@rny but I think it needs to be said that some discharge is NORMAL it isn't dirty or disgusting and nobody should be shamed for this. There is a whole section on the NHS website about vaginal discharge if you want to educate yourselves. The only person on the show who actually said this was 25 year old Jeremy a male model (can you tell I have been googling the housemates?!), good on him for acting like an adult.

I am pretty surprised that this scene was even broadcast to be honest, why is okay to shame women for something so personal? Many viewers watching this programme are teens who need to know what is normal for a woman and that this kind of behaviour is absolutely not acceptable. The whole thing really bothered me.

Did you see big brother last night? What did you think?

Snowy Sunday

Last weekend the boys went to bed in a very excited state, it was snowing outside!

On Sunday morning Phil and I attempted an extra 10 minutes in bed but it was no use, both boys were so excited because there was a lovely blanket of snow just waiting to be played with, so we all got dressed and headed straight outside. Who needs breakfast?
Footprints in the snow

We had a really good covering and there was plenty of snow in our garden to enjoy and we set to work stomping and building the obligatory snowman. When we have had snow before Alex wasn't all that keen but this time he loved it and got stuck into making an Alex sized snowman.

After a good play we headed back inside for a breakfast of homemade white chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolates to warm us up.
White chocolate chip pancakee

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thirty and Thirty One Weeks Pregnant

I totally didn't have the chance to post a thirty week post so this week I am having a thirty and thirty one weeks post combined. At this stage baby is weighing around 3 and a half pounds and is around 41cm long and he will be continuing to fill out now.
31 weeks pregnant

This week I have been SO hungry, chocolate has been a huge craving, so weird after it being the last thing I wanted just a few weeks ago. Twirls are my chocolate of choice and they have to be dunked in a cup of tea. I am also still loving omelettes and also anything strawberry flavoured.

I have also noticed that I have started to get super achy and tired as the day goes on, I guess it's just part and parcel in the third trimester but I am finding it frustrating as I am now not easily able to pick the boys up onto play equipment at the park or run around as much at soft play plus i am usually a night owl, so I am trying to do things in the morning while I have some energy.
In the last few days the baby movements have sometimes taken my breath away as they are so intense, it feels like he is trying to push his way out through my skin and it can be so uncomfortable.

Despite those minor moans I genereally feel good and healthy. I am so thankful to be having a far easier pregnancy this time around and that so far I haven't suffered too often with heartburn and the weeks seem to be flying past.

I had my latest midwife appointment yesterday, my blood pressure is still fine and I am measuring spot on. Baby is breech, little monkey which makes me worry a bit as I am wanting my vba2c though I know that he does have plenty of time to move. I will be encouraging him to turn! I am booked in to see her again in 2 weeks time. After the appointment I went and got a whole load of bits for my hospital bag(plus a few other bits), once that is done I will post about what I have packed and why.

I still need to get a crib and sling and a changing bag and a few bits and bobs but I am feeling slightly more organised. I also have the health visitor coming for a pre birth visit this week, this is totally new in my area and i am not sure what they can offer me but I am interested to see what the visit entails, I will blog about it if it is interesting enough!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 18/1

Happy Monday Meal Planners, it's been a chilly week here in Yorkshire with snow over the weekend much to the boys delight. Have you had any snow yet?

We stuck to our plan last week, I guess the time of year means we are counting our pennies post Christmas so the lure of takeaway or meals out isn't quite as strong as usual although I am currently craving Twirls. I ordered my food shopping with Morrisons last week and I was really impressed with them, so I am using them again this week.

Monday Cottage Pie from the freezer for the boys, omelette for me, Phil is at work all night

Tuesday Pizza pasta bake

Wednesday Chicken burgers and sweet potato fries (the boys will be out)

Thursday Cottage Pie

Friday Chinese Chicken Curry with noodles

Saturday Homemade beef burgers, wedges and salad

Sunday Pasta Pesto

As usual I am linking up with Meal Planning Monday over on At Home With Mrs M.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Choosing a VBA2C

I have mentioned in my pregnancy posts that I am hoping to have a natural birth this time. Choosing a vaginal birth after 2 c sections(VBA2C)  is something I knew I wanted and I talked about it right back at the start of my pregnancy at my booking in appointment.

I have written my birth stories before but to summarise Sebastian was an undiagnosed breech baby and was born via an emergency ceasarean with me under general anaesthetic after 46 hours of labour. It took me a long time to feel ok about his birth to be honest.
Alex was an elective cesarean section decided at 39+4 when I was admitted to hospital with blood pressure problems. I had intended to try for a vbac but at that moment the cesarean was the best option and I have no regrets about it.

However I want to experience giving birth, I feel sad that I haven't had the chance to do that.  Yes the boys were technically born but it feels very much like something that was done to me instead of something I was involved in doing. It is a medical procedure, a major operation. I want to be the one giving birth although I am pretty nervous about the unknown at the same time.

This time around recovery is a big factor for me, I was very lucky that I recovered well both times with no infections but it does impact on you for a few weeks, it's easy to overdo it and feel a wreck afterwards. Phil is likely to only have a week off work and I have two energetic boys to look after as well as a new baby so ideally I need to be able to get out to the park and soft play and do the lifting that involves.
I also want the option of another child in the future. This baby is our last but who knows what may happen in a few years time, never say never.

My consultant was not keen on the idea of a VBA2C and cited the risk of scar rupture(1 in 200) and that it wasn't routine as the reasoning but she has agreed to support my choice although she will not allow me to be induced. My midwife was very surprised that the consultant agreed to support me but in contrast she is really supportive of my choice  which is great.

I have started to seriously think about my birth plan, yes it may go out of the window but I know there are certain things I definitely want no matter what happens so I want everyone to be aware of this. I will post more about that once it is done and dusted.

Friday, 15 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

I have always loved reading and I have a permanent wish list of books. This year I decided to set myself a 2016 reading challenge over on Goodreads.
I set myself a target of 40 books, I would have loved to have gone for 50 but with a new baby on the way I figured that 40 would be more realistic.
2016 reading challenge

So far I have read 3 books so I am 8% of the way to my target. I have really enjoyed finding the extra time to read, I have found myself reading for a while before going to sleep, I used to do this every night before messing around on my phone took up my time, the same with reading in the bath. Taking the time to step away from social media and technology is really relaxing.

Check out my progress and why not set your own target for 2016 too?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Twenty Nine Weeks pregnant

At Twenty Nine Weeks pregnant baby weighs just over 1kg and is about the size of a butternut squash.
29 weeks pregnant bump

I feel like i am getting really big recently. We went swimming this week (so nice when pregnant) but caught sight of myself in a mirror and I looked absolutely enormous! I have had some stabbing pain just for a few seconds at a time when I move (usually at night) which I think is either round ligament pain or caused by the adhesions from my caesareans as it is just where my scar ends.

I generally feel well still although i have had the odd bout of breathlessness after walking upstairs, I don't remember this with the boys! Heartburn has reared it's ugly head a couple of times this week, thank goodness for Gaviscon!  On the plus side my previous lack of appetite has given way to wanting to eat everything!

Baby still like a good move around and the movements are getting stronger and sometimes uncomfortable. He seems to react to hands on my bump and voices now.

We have started to think about preparing for baby. I wrote a list of what we needed to buy and jobs we need to do so we will be starting to work our way through those and I need to get some bits to start my hospital bag as i'd like it done for when i am about 34/35 weeks.

That's about all for this week, nothing exciting has happened!

Orange Drizzle Cakes

Since having a delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake at M&S recently I have been promising to make a drizzle cake at home. I didn't have any lemons in the house but I did have a lonely orange in the fruit bowl just waiting to be used for orange drizzle cake.

The thing I love most about drizzle cakes is the sweet sugary crunch you get when you into the cake, yum! Instead of a large drizzle cake I decided to make fairy cakes instead.

Orange drizzle cakes recipe

220g butter
220g caster sugar
220g self raising flour
4 eggs
Grated zest of 1 orange 

Juice of 1 orange
Icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 180°. Cream together the butter and the sugar, add the flour and eggs and combine. Stir in the orange zest. Spoon into cake cases and bake for around 18-20 minutes until golden on top. 
While cooking mix the orange juice and icing sugar to make the drizzle, simply combine the two until you have a nice sweet orangey tasting runny icing. Pierce the warm cakes with several small holes (I used a fork) and spoon the drizzle over making sure it goes into the holes. Leave the drizzle to harden to get that crunch and eat!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 11/1

Happy Monday Meal Planners. I hope everyone has had a good week, I was so happy to see so many bloggers taking part in last week's meal planning Monday, perfect for nosey old me who loves to see what others are eating! 

We ate all of our meals last week, woohoo. Most popular were definitely the chilli and I made enough for 3 batches so I have frozen some for easy dinners. I also had a major baking session with the boys, we made Vegan Banana Bread, Smarties Cookies and Orange Drizzle cakes.
Baking session, daffodils

Onto this weeks meals in no particular order...

BBQ Chicken Fajitas with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob

Pasta and meatballs in a tomato based sauce (I will chuck a load of veg in too)

Toad in the hole(using up mini cocktail sausages from the freezer) with peas and mash

Cheese and veg pasta

Pizza, garlic bread, salad

Garlic chicken kievs, some kind of frozen potato from the freezer and frozen veg

Chilli(frozen leftovers from last week) and rice

I am also planning on more baking this time the boys have chosen chocolate tea bread and Paddington Bear sponge puddings both taken from A Girl Called Jack.

As always I am linking up with At Home with Mrs M and Meal Planning Monday.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Getting muddy at Kirkstall Abbey

We have spent far too much time cooped up inside the last couple of weeks, Christmas, the relentless rain, me getting bigger and having sounds round ligament pain and Phil hurting his back have all meant that going out for long walks has been a bit difficult. This weekend we needed to clear the cobwebs so we paid a visit to Kirkstall Abbey.

Living in West Yorkshire means we are spoilt for choice with outdoor places to visit. There are so many places for us to go and explore. Kirkstall is just outside of Leeds City Centre and it is totally free to park and to explore the abbey.
Muddy Kirkstall abbey
Muddy Kirkstall abbey leeds

The weather was grey, dull and a bit rainy(definitely welly weather!) so there weren't many people about just dog walkers and a couple of brave tourists. We decided to have a slow walk around the abbey gardens first before going inside the abbey to explore. There was plenty of mud for the boys to squelch in and puddles to jump in, Sebastian fell right into a puddle and was absolutely soaked! Luckily he wasn't too bothered so we carried on.

The abbey itself is beautiful, i can imagine it would be spooky to visit at dusk. We had a really good mooch around, reading about what each part would have originally been and Sebastian was pretty curious about monks.
Kirkstall abbey
Kirkstall abbey
Kirkstall abbey

Both boys were so filthy we had to strip them off before getting in the car, Sebastian had borrow a pair of Alexs spare pants, lucky he is small!

I have promised the boys we will return in the summer and take a picnic along with us to eat. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mum to Be Pamper Hamper

When pregnant it is important to remember to take time out to pamper and take care of yourself. With two small children already I don't have huge amounts of time to pamper myself but using the right products can make a huge difference to how I feel. Just before Christmas I was sent a mum to be pamper hamper with some fab products perfect for those of us who are expecting.

Mum to be pamper hamper Centrum during pregnancy multivitamins

Centrum During Pregnancy Multivitamins (£4.29 for 30 tablets at Boots and Tesco’s) are tailored for women to take from the moment they found out they are pregnant. They contain 21 vitamins and minerals specially developed to give both mum and baby nutritional support including vitamin D and Calcium as recommended by the Department of Health, Iodine for brain and nervous system development and Chromium to help maintain normal blood glucose levels.
My consultant reminded me how important it was to continue taking multivitamins throughout my pregnancy, so I have been ensuring that I take them (I am human I have been known to forget). I find the long narrow shape of the Centrum During Pregnancy Multivitamins makes them really easy to swallow which is always a plus for me.
Mum to be pamper hamper Dr organic 24hr rescue cream

Dr. Organic Hemp Oil 24hr Rescue Cream (£8.99 for 50ml at Holland and Barrettis a soothing and nourishing face cream based on organic Hemp Oil which is rich is essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6, and 9 all essential for healthy looking skin. The oil is combined with Beeswax,  Borage Oil and a blend of natural organic extracts including Horsetail, Hibiscus and Hops to create a restoring rescue cream proven to look in moisture for 24 hours.
I have mentioned in my pregnancy posts that my skin does get more sensitive during pregnancy so I was interested to try this cream. It is a light cream, with a lavender scent and I have found that it sinks in quickly leaving me with super soft skin and best of all, no irritation!
Mum to be pamper pack bio oil

Bio-Oil (£8.95 for 60ml in Boots) is something of a cult product among pregnant women. So would you believe that I had never tried it before? Bio-Oil is designed to maximise skins elasticity helping to prevent the appearance of stretchmarks. Containing well know skincare ingredients including Vitamin A and Vitamin E along with Calendula,  lavender, rosemary and Chamomile oils the oil can be used on face and body including sensitive skins which is perfect if like me your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.
I always worry with oils that they will leave my skin greasy but Bio-Oil wowed me,  literally sinking straight in, no greasiness at all. I am going to be using this on my bump and also on an old scar to see if it will help to improve the appearance with long term use.

If you are pregnant and looking to pamper yourself or are looking to make up a mum to be pamper hamper(great baby shower gift) then these products would make great additions.

**I was sent these items for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own**
Family Fever

Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 4th January

Happy Monday Meal planners! I have had 2 weeks away from meal planning Monday and boy I have missed it, I honestly feel so disorganised without a proper meal plan and we spend so much more on food. Anyway I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and New Year and enjoyed everything they ate, I found myself feeling really sluggish after eating far too much rubbish.

This week we are back onto meal planning, we will be going to the farm shop to pick up some chicken and mince to portion and freeze and I have done a quick check of what we have in so i'm not buying things we already have.
Meal planning monday

Monday Macaroni Cheese
Tuesday Fish Finger sandwiches, with something potato based from the freezer and veg
Wednesday BBQ chicken and sweetcorn pasta
Thursday Slow cooker chilli in jackets
Friday Cottage Pie
Saturday Garlic Parmesan Pasta
Sunday Homemade Pizza and garlic bread

As always I am linking up with At Home with Mrs M and Meal Planning Monday.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

What happens at the Glucose Tolerance Test?

In my 28 week update I mentioned that I had my GTT. Lots of people ask what happens at the Glucose Tolerance Test so I thought I would write a post about it.

First up, what is the GTT?
A GTT test is a blood test that's done after a period of not eating. You'll be told how long not to eat for before the test (it's often overnight). You'll then be asked to have a glucose drink and take another blood test two hours later.(NHS) 
In pregnancy the test is offered to women considered high risk of developing gestational diabetes.
Glucose tolerance test

Your hospital will ask you to fast from the night before your test, mine say from 11.30pm though you are allowed sips of water. Other hospitals seem to have different rules on this so make sure you ask or that it is written on your letter. Due to this fasting most people will have their tests early in the day(mine started at 8.40am).

I was called into a room with a nurse who checked my details, took some blood (she took my 28 week bloods at the same time) and then gave me a plastic cup containing the dreaded drink. I will be honest I tend to drink water or tea so the drink to me is very sweet and pretty vile tasting, some say it is like Lucozade and drinking it on an empty stomach did make me feel a little sick.
Once drunk it is into the waiting room for the 2 hour wait. My hospital allow sips of water and toilet trips in this time but you must not go off for a walk and if you are sick you need to let them know as the test will be cancelled.
Once the wait is over I headed off with the nurse again and had some more blood taken and then i was done and could go home. The nurse advised that if my results were a concern they would contact me within a day or two and if there were no concerns I wouldn't hear anything(thankfully the case for me).

Top Tips

  • Take a book, magazine or something else to do, 2 hours feels like a very long time!
  • Take a bottle of cold water; either for sips during the test if allowed or for afterwards. Our hospital is pretty warm so a cold drink is so welcome.
  • Take a snack for after the test. I find cereal bars are perfect for this. 
  • Try not to worry! It definitely sounds worse than it is!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

At twenty eight weeks pregnant I am now in the third trimester and on the home run. Baby is around 1kg in weight and 38cm in length and is spending his time fattening up.
28 weeks pregnant bump

Babies are on my mind as I have a brand new nephew born this week (17 days late) and so we went to Mamas and Papas to buy a gift. Walking around made me think that it is probably about time we started getting organised and think about buying our crib and sorting out some bits for my hospital bag etc in the next few weeks. I found a changing bag that i liked so have ordered it.

I am still feeling good although I have found myself feeling really tired this week, similar to the first trimester and I didn't make midnight on new years eve, maybe baby is having a growth spurt or something! Phil being home has meant i have been able to rest and recharge though. I have also started getting breathless sometimes. Movements are getting even stronger and it is so funny watching my stomach wriggle around and the boys love to see it, Seb is now reading to baby too ♡

I had my first comment about how big I am in Sainsbursy this week, the lady couldn't believe I had 3 months left to go and was saying a lady she had seen earlier was overdue and smaller than me. It's funny as I am smaller and neater than I was at this stage with Alex. I am only short though and if baby is 38cm the only way is outwards.

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test and bloods this week (all was fine) and also my 28 week midwife appointment which Sebastian came to, he was really excited to hear babies heartbeat and chatter with my midwife and disgusted that I gave her some wee. My blood pressure is still on track and I am measuring spot on for my personalised chart(though the line baby is following has an estimated birth weight of 9lb 9 haha).
She was pretty surprised that the consultant is supporting me on my vba2c and gave me some leaflets on birth and we will talk about it in a later appointment, I am getting so excited about the impending labour and birth! I also mentioned about feeding and the issues I had before and she is going to get someone to call me about breastfeedingand possibly harvesting my breastmilk. It was a good appointment all in all. I also booked my whooping cough jab for next week,  I haven't had it before so feel a bit nervous as I have heard it is really uncomfortable.

It's been a good week!

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