Friday, 15 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

I have always loved reading and I have a permanent wish list of books. This year I decided to set myself a 2016 reading challenge over on Goodreads.
I set myself a target of 40 books, I would have loved to have gone for 50 but with a new baby on the way I figured that 40 would be more realistic.
2016 reading challenge

So far I have read 3 books so I am 8% of the way to my target. I have really enjoyed finding the extra time to read, I have found myself reading for a while before going to sleep, I used to do this every night before messing around on my phone took up my time, the same with reading in the bath. Taking the time to step away from social media and technology is really relaxing.

Check out my progress and why not set your own target for 2016 too?

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