Sunday, 31 January 2016

32 weeks pregnant

Wow I can't quite believe I am 32 weeks pregnant, I honestly thought that this pregnancy would drag but it is flying past. Tomorrow is February and I am due in March! Baby at this stage weighs roughly 3 and a half pounds, and may have a full head of hair, I am excited to see if he will have hair like his brothers did or not!
32 weeks pregnant bump

I am officially reaching the huge stage! I thought i was pretty small but i am definitely getting big now, I am only 5ft so baby has limited space to grow so outwards it is , I don't mind though and am continuing to enjoy being pregnant, the movements are still crazy, he is literally partying away in there! I am still lucky and feel good, though tiredness is definitely getting to me., Phil got me a v cushion in the Aldi baby event and it has made it so much easier to get comfortable at night.

We have carried on getting organised this week, our crib is on order (we went for the Chicco Next To Me), my changing bag is on its way and I have picked up some baby event bargains (I recommend the cellular blankets and muslins in the Aldi event). I need to get some time to go shopping on my own for the last few bits for my hospital bag(huge pants etc) and order a sling and then we are pretty much ready to go. I feel so much calmer now that we are more organised.

I had the health visitor come round this week, she was here for around 30-40 minutes, it was okay but I don't feel I got loads from it, maybe better for first time mums or those who have any concerns or worries. She asked about birth, breastfeeding, relationships, contraception and so on.

In the last couple of days I have been thinking quite a bit about birth; as I have never had a vaginal birth I feel like a novice plus with him being breech at my last appointment I am a bit uncertain.  I will be seeing the midwife this week so hopefully he will have turned around as I have been encouraging him too.

Only 8 weeks to go!

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