Sunday, 17 January 2016

Choosing a VBA2C

I have mentioned in my pregnancy posts that I am hoping to have a natural birth this time. Choosing a vaginal birth after 2 c sections(VBA2C)  is something I knew I wanted and I talked about it right back at the start of my pregnancy at my booking in appointment.

I have written my birth stories before but to summarise Sebastian was an undiagnosed breech baby and was born via an emergency ceasarean with me under general anaesthetic after 46 hours of labour. It took me a long time to feel ok about his birth to be honest.
Alex was an elective cesarean section decided at 39+4 when I was admitted to hospital with blood pressure problems. I had intended to try for a vbac but at that moment the cesarean was the best option and I have no regrets about it.

However I want to experience giving birth, I feel sad that I haven't had the chance to do that.  Yes the boys were technically born but it feels very much like something that was done to me instead of something I was involved in doing. It is a medical procedure, a major operation. I want to be the one giving birth although I am pretty nervous about the unknown at the same time.

This time around recovery is a big factor for me, I was very lucky that I recovered well both times with no infections but it does impact on you for a few weeks, it's easy to overdo it and feel a wreck afterwards. Phil is likely to only have a week off work and I have two energetic boys to look after as well as a new baby so ideally I need to be able to get out to the park and soft play and do the lifting that involves.
I also want the option of another child in the future. This baby is our last but who knows what may happen in a few years time, never say never.

My consultant was not keen on the idea of a VBA2C and cited the risk of scar rupture(1 in 200) and that it wasn't routine as the reasoning but she has agreed to support my choice although she will not allow me to be induced. My midwife was very surprised that the consultant agreed to support me but in contrast she is really supportive of my choice  which is great.

I have started to seriously think about my birth plan, yes it may go out of the window but I know there are certain things I definitely want no matter what happens so I want everyone to be aware of this. I will post more about that once it is done and dusted.

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