Sunday, 10 January 2016

Getting muddy at Kirkstall Abbey

We have spent far too much time cooped up inside the last couple of weeks, Christmas, the relentless rain, me getting bigger and having sounds round ligament pain and Phil hurting his back have all meant that going out for long walks has been a bit difficult. This weekend we needed to clear the cobwebs so we paid a visit to Kirkstall Abbey.

Living in West Yorkshire means we are spoilt for choice with outdoor places to visit. There are so many places for us to go and explore. Kirkstall is just outside of Leeds City Centre and it is totally free to park and to explore the abbey.
Muddy Kirkstall abbey
Muddy Kirkstall abbey leeds

The weather was grey, dull and a bit rainy(definitely welly weather!) so there weren't many people about just dog walkers and a couple of brave tourists. We decided to have a slow walk around the abbey gardens first before going inside the abbey to explore. There was plenty of mud for the boys to squelch in and puddles to jump in, Sebastian fell right into a puddle and was absolutely soaked! Luckily he wasn't too bothered so we carried on.

The abbey itself is beautiful, i can imagine it would be spooky to visit at dusk. We had a really good mooch around, reading about what each part would have originally been and Sebastian was pretty curious about monks.
Kirkstall abbey
Kirkstall abbey
Kirkstall abbey

Both boys were so filthy we had to strip them off before getting in the car, Sebastian had borrow a pair of Alexs spare pants, lucky he is small!

I have promised the boys we will return in the summer and take a picnic along with us to eat. 

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