Sunday, 24 January 2016

Snowy Sunday

Last weekend the boys went to bed in a very excited state, it was snowing outside!

On Sunday morning Phil and I attempted an extra 10 minutes in bed but it was no use, both boys were so excited because there was a lovely blanket of snow just waiting to be played with, so we all got dressed and headed straight outside. Who needs breakfast?
Footprints in the snow

We had a really good covering and there was plenty of snow in our garden to enjoy and we set to work stomping and building the obligatory snowman. When we have had snow before Alex wasn't all that keen but this time he loved it and got stuck into making an Alex sized snowman.

After a good play we headed back inside for a breakfast of homemade white chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolates to warm us up.
White chocolate chip pancakee

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