Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thirty and Thirty One Weeks Pregnant

I totally didn't have the chance to post a thirty week post so this week I am having a thirty and thirty one weeks post combined. At this stage baby is weighing around 3 and a half pounds and is around 41cm long and he will be continuing to fill out now.
31 weeks pregnant

This week I have been SO hungry, chocolate has been a huge craving, so weird after it being the last thing I wanted just a few weeks ago. Twirls are my chocolate of choice and they have to be dunked in a cup of tea. I am also still loving omelettes and also anything strawberry flavoured.

I have also noticed that I have started to get super achy and tired as the day goes on, I guess it's just part and parcel in the third trimester but I am finding it frustrating as I am now not easily able to pick the boys up onto play equipment at the park or run around as much at soft play plus i am usually a night owl, so I am trying to do things in the morning while I have some energy.
In the last few days the baby movements have sometimes taken my breath away as they are so intense, it feels like he is trying to push his way out through my skin and it can be so uncomfortable.

Despite those minor moans I genereally feel good and healthy. I am so thankful to be having a far easier pregnancy this time around and that so far I haven't suffered too often with heartburn and the weeks seem to be flying past.

I had my latest midwife appointment yesterday, my blood pressure is still fine and I am measuring spot on. Baby is breech, little monkey which makes me worry a bit as I am wanting my vba2c though I know that he does have plenty of time to move. I will be encouraging him to turn! I am booked in to see her again in 2 weeks time. After the appointment I went and got a whole load of bits for my hospital bag(plus a few other bits), once that is done I will post about what I have packed and why.

I still need to get a crib and sling and a changing bag and a few bits and bobs but I am feeling slightly more organised. I also have the health visitor coming for a pre birth visit this week, this is totally new in my area and i am not sure what they can offer me but I am interested to see what the visit entails, I will blog about it if it is interesting enough!

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