Saturday, 2 January 2016

Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

At twenty eight weeks pregnant I am now in the third trimester and on the home run. Baby is around 1kg in weight and 38cm in length and is spending his time fattening up.
28 weeks pregnant bump

Babies are on my mind as I have a brand new nephew born this week (17 days late) and so we went to Mamas and Papas to buy a gift. Walking around made me think that it is probably about time we started getting organised and think about buying our crib and sorting out some bits for my hospital bag etc in the next few weeks. I found a changing bag that i liked so have ordered it.

I am still feeling good although I have found myself feeling really tired this week, similar to the first trimester and I didn't make midnight on new years eve, maybe baby is having a growth spurt or something! Phil being home has meant i have been able to rest and recharge though. I have also started getting breathless sometimes. Movements are getting even stronger and it is so funny watching my stomach wriggle around and the boys love to see it, Seb is now reading to baby too ♡

I had my first comment about how big I am in Sainsbursy this week, the lady couldn't believe I had 3 months left to go and was saying a lady she had seen earlier was overdue and smaller than me. It's funny as I am smaller and neater than I was at this stage with Alex. I am only short though and if baby is 38cm the only way is outwards.

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test and bloods this week (all was fine) and also my 28 week midwife appointment which Sebastian came to, he was really excited to hear babies heartbeat and chatter with my midwife and disgusted that I gave her some wee. My blood pressure is still on track and I am measuring spot on for my personalised chart(though the line baby is following has an estimated birth weight of 9lb 9 haha).
She was pretty surprised that the consultant is supporting me on my vba2c and gave me some leaflets on birth and we will talk about it in a later appointment, I am getting so excited about the impending labour and birth! I also mentioned about feeding and the issues I had before and she is going to get someone to call me about breastfeedingand possibly harvesting my breastmilk. It was a good appointment all in all. I also booked my whooping cough jab for next week,  I haven't had it before so feel a bit nervous as I have heard it is really uncomfortable.

It's been a good week!

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