Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why is it okay to shame women? #CBB

Last night we were looking for something to watch before heading to bed when Phil put Celebrity Big Brother on. We don't watch the show so apart from what I have seen people say on social media I don't know anything about it or what has been going on but up the bit I saw last night was absolutely appalling.

Three of the men were sorting the washing out and found a pair of girls pants with discharge in them. They proceeded to act like 13 year old boys and all had a look at this 'pigeon sh!t' discharge and put these pants on the table and went and told everyone else about them, cue the women acting disgusted and coming to look too. Gemma Collins even declared that it wasn't normal. Eventually Steph admitted they were hers.

How is that situation acceptable? These are not young teens, the men in question are 47, 46 and 44. Gemma Collins is 34 and Daniella Westbrook is 42 and a mother yet they all felt it was fine to humiliate a 22 year old girl for having discharge in her underwear. How would Darren Day or Daniella Westbrook feel if that was their children being humiliated in one of the most personal ways possible? It doesn't matter if you don't get on with someone and it doesn't matter if the pants had been lying around(though not ideal in a shared house!), nobody should be shamed for a normal bodily function.

Steph blamed the discharge firstly on her having problems, secondly on being h@rny but I think it needs to be said that some discharge is NORMAL it isn't dirty or disgusting and nobody should be shamed for this. There is a whole section on the NHS website about vaginal discharge if you want to educate yourselves. The only person on the show who actually said this was 25 year old Jeremy a male model (can you tell I have been googling the housemates?!), good on him for acting like an adult.

I am pretty surprised that this scene was even broadcast to be honest, why is okay to shame women for something so personal? Many viewers watching this programme are teens who need to know what is normal for a woman and that this kind of behaviour is absolutely not acceptable. The whole thing really bothered me.

Did you see big brother last night? What did you think?

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