Tuesday, 9 February 2016

33 weeks pregnant

It seems like I wrote my 32 week post yesterday. I honestly thought that this pregnancy would drag especially now I am in the last trimester but it is simply flying past I am actually behind writing this post. Perhaps it is because I have had a pretty easy time of it and haven't really felt overly pregnant until more recently.
33 weeks pregnant

At 33 weeks baby weighs about the same as a pineapple, I did have plans to buy one this week for a fancy picture but it didn't happen. I saw the midwife on Friday,  all is fine and measuring as it should and the best news is that he has turned and is now head down, woohoo, let's hope he stays that way now.
I had a feeling he had turned as on Tuesday morning I was more uncomfortable and was suddenly sick, not much but I knew something had changed in there and then on Tuesday night I had Braxton Hicks for about an hour, the first time i've had them this pregnancy. My bump is so hard and tight anyway it was weird feeling the contractions.

Although i am feeling generally ok, the tiredness is really hitting me again now, probably not helped by waking several times a night.  I have been going to bed earlier and even fell asleep on the sofa on Friday afternoon. I also seem to have lost my ability to concentrate on things for more than a few minutes either blogging, reading a book or even watching TV, it seems my brain has gone walkabout.

I have had a few comments this week about looking like I am due any moment, now I am so far along I don't mind people's comments, my bump is pretty round and proud and enters a room well before me and I have taken on the pregnant lady walk and I have that curve in my back as you can see in my bump photo.

I am still enjoying the pregnancy and really only have a couple of important bits left to get(nursing bras and a sling). My new changing bag came this week (I love it) and this cute crown also arrived, I couldn't resist these tiny socks either.
33 weeks pregnant,  baby crown,

Our crib should arrive this week, I think we are going to put it up to check it is ok and then put it down again until baby is born. I remember putting things up so early with the boys but this time I am happy to leave it until we actually need to do it. I am definitely going to get my hospitals bags packed though, the Braxton Hicks reminded me that I actually will be going into labour at some point!

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