Sunday, 14 February 2016

34 weeks pregnant

At 34 weeks baby is about 45cm long and weighs about 4.7lb, his hearing is now fully developed and his lungs are pretty much full developed too. It feels strange that I am so near the end, my pregnant has flown by, when I think that I have known since I was 3 weeks it really should be dragging by now! I get so excited when I think that I will soon have my baby in my arms and I am so looking forward to those newborn cuddles and that baby smell.

34 weeks pregnant

This week I have been feeling SO tired, I have had a couple of really bad nights sleep plus regular night wakings for the toilet or from being hot and swesty and just general end of pregnancy tiredness left me feeling pretty exhausted. On Saturday afternoon I went for a lie down and woke up several hours later, oops. I have also been pretty hormonal, moody and a bit teary, poor Phil bears the brunt of it. Seb is so aware of these things now and is being particularly sweet to me, I am getting lots of kisses and cuddles from him. I think he is a bit unsettled about a new baby arriving and we have had a couple of  incidents recently which are so out of his usual charecter, he is excited and loves feeling the baby move and talking to it but he is also aware enough to know that babies need lots of attention and time. Alex being three doesn't really understand the reality of a new baby so he is happy as usual. I am planning a special day with each boy before the baby comes so hopefully that will help them both to know they are just as important and special as ever.
34 weeks pregnant

I am getting some Braxton Hicks most days now, I have also started to lose my mucus plug this week. So I am hoping this means things are generally headed in the right direction.
Babies movements have really changed, I don't feel much kicking now, instead I can see and feel him rolling around more which can be pretty uncomfortable at times like he is trying to force his way out through my stomach.  I guess he is running out of room in there.

I finally packed our bags for hospital this week,I still need a couple of bits for mine but nothing major (huge pants) and our crib came too. We popped it up to check it was okay and the boys got so excited, they filled it with soft toys and wanted them to sleep in it so we left it up for a couple of days. It will come back out now once baby is born.

This coming week I have a midwife appointment and also my consultant appointment next Wednesday. It all seems very real! I am planning a nice home pamper session for myself at some point during the week too, long soak in the bath, face and hair mask and spending time doing my nails, I feel a bit frumpy at the moment so hopefully it will perk me up.

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