Tuesday, 23 February 2016

35 weeks pregnant

Wow 35 weeks pregnant already(36 now), baby is getting very close now! This week baby is over 5lb in weight similar to a honeydew melon and around 46cm long, his kidneys are fully developed and his liver has started to work.

35 weeks pregnant

This week my tiredness has continued, not as bad as last week but then I am trying to take it a bit easier and head to bed a bit earlier. I have been a bit grumpy though again not as bad as last week. I have continued to have lots so Braxton Hicks randomly through the day.
A little too much information maybe but one of my nipples has been driving me mad, it is stinging on and off during the day, it kind of feels like that toe curling pain when a newborn latches on. The only thing that eases is if I massage my breast for a while.
My bump has also started to get pretty itchy at times and it can look pretty red and angry. I am jealous of all those mamas who have lovely smooth stretch mark free bumps, mine is more like a road map! I will never love my stretchmarks but I know that the marks soon fade away and I don't hate them either.

We are definitely organised now, I just need to buy nursing bras really and to finish washing all the baby bits. I have managed to sneak some on the washing line.

I had my midwife appointment, baby is head down and very low but not engaged. My blood pressure is still fine (though higher then it has been) and he is still measuring on his line which would have him currently at around 6lb 7 though I think he will just be long instead of chunky. We talked a little about birth and she answered a couple of questions that I had about monitoring and cord clamping. I am finishing writing my plan this weekend so will write a separate post about that.

I see the consultant tomorrow and soon i will be full term. Too exciting!

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