Saturday, 27 February 2016

36 weeks pregnant, a long update

I am 36 weeks pregnant now, so close to the end and I have such mixed feelings, excited to meet this little boy,  sad that what has been a (mostly)lovely pregnancy will be over and after my consultant appointment this week I am a little bit anxious about how he will arrive. 

I'll start with the good stuff. I feel pretty good for this stage, I am still feeling able to keep pretty active and go on long walks without suffering. I have noticed a bit more heartburn but to be honest it was far worse in my last pregnancy. Baby is still lovely and lively, my bump is measuring perfectly and my blood pressure is really good. At my consultant appointment he was 4/5 engaged (though I know they can pop in and out) which is great as he knows which direction he should be going in.
My bump continues to grow and I have had lots of bump comments from people while out and about this week, asking when I am due etc. It is quite heavy too and I have been spending lots of time in the bath!
We have everything sorted now, after struggling to find any nice sheets for our Chicco Next to Me crib I ordered some lovely fabrics and Phils mum is going to turn them into some flat sheets for us. I am getting my nursing bras next week and then it is just a sling left to buy.
On the flipside I am tired, this is down to a mix of extra loo trips in the night, pregnancy insomnia and Alex being really unsettled for 4 nights in a row this week, usually when he wakes he goes back off easily but this week he hasn't been so easy to settle. Tiredness is my only complaint really so I do feel lucky overall.

I saw my consultant on Wednesday and to be honest I left feeling a bit upset and unsure of what to do. At this appointment they had my notes (the hospital couldn't find them last time). I already knew my consultant would prefer me to have another c section and I knew she would point out the risk of scar rupture (though I did challenge the odds she gave me as I have done my own research into this and neither her nor the junior with her could give me evidence to back it up) both of these were discussed at my last appointment.
I wasn't expecting to be told that according to my notes when I was opened up for my second c section that I had bad internal scarring from my first section, of course I knew that i would have some scarring but it seems mine is quite bad. That if I attempt a vba2c and it ends up in an emergency c section the scarring could cause a delay in them being able to get baby out. This has been playing on mind since and I am unsure how to proceed. Obviously this would only cause an issue if I were to need an emergency casearean and chances are that I wouldn't, I will be monitored closely in labour and so any problems should be picked up in good time but on the flipside of course I don't want to put either of us in any danger and then again a c section is a big operation and has risks even if elective. It is like a big mess in my head at the moment.

My consultant has booked me in for an appointment this week with another consultant for a second opinion. For now I am still aiming for my vba2c though I can change my mind at any time.
We have agreed on me going a week overdue and if I don't go into labour by that point I will have an elective c section as they won't induce me. I am planning on lots of long walks to keeping active to hopefully get baby moving before then.

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