Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chinese Dragon Paintings

Next week is Chinese New Year and it is one of the celebrations we always enjoy learning about. So far we have found China on our globe and read a book about the story of the Chinese Zodiac. I am planning on making a themed lapbook with Seb and we will of course have a Chinese meal on the day itself.

Then of course there are the crafts! We always end up making lanterns and the boys still have last years efforts hanging in their rooms so i wanted to do something different this year.  I browsed pintrest for some new ideas and decided we would make some dragon print paintings. It is a gentle way to introduce symmetry plus it is entertaining for all ages(I joined in myself).

Chinese dragon paintings

The idea is simple and one we all did at school when painting butterflies. Simply fold your paper in half, paint away on one side, fold in half so that you end up with a symmetrical print. We used lots of bright colours but I think it would be stunning just using red and gold too, perhaps with older children who are more delicate in their painting style. I enjoy watching the boys paint, Alex is still in the stage of mixing all the colours together on the paper and usually making a brown splodge and lots of paint on himself, Seb is more precise and clean.
Chinese dragon paintings

Chinese dragon paintings

Once dry we added googly eyes, feathers, sequins and streamers to complete our dragons and put them up on display along with our thumbprint lantern skylines ready for the new year celebrations next week.
Chinese dragon printing

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