Thursday, 4 February 2016

Chinese New Year Thumbprint Lanterns

Last month I received an oriental newspaper used as part of the packaging when I ordered something on ebay. I figured i needed to make use of it and much to Phils amusement insisted we kept it(luckily he is used to it, his mum used to manage a nursery).

Chinese New Year thumbprint lanterns

Of course I had Chinese New Year in mind, I knew it would be ideal for some crafting with the boys. Some googling led me to this gorgeous lantern skylines craft which seemed the perfect use for the newspaper I had. Instead of using a cork or similar  for the prints I decided we would use thumbprints instead and go for traditional gold and red paint colours. I am really pleased with how these turned out, i think they look really cute.

Chinese new year thumbprint lanterns

Chinese new year thumbprint lanterns

It is as simple as it seems, cut the newspaper up and stick to some paper to make the skyline. We recently made something similar with coloured paper shapes so the boys knew what to do. Seb loved looking at the writing and while I am not sure of the exact language in print it made for interesting conversation, about different languages and kinds of writing. Once our skylines were set we added our thumbprint lanterns with the paints.

Once dry I simply added the lantern detailing with a black Sharpie.
Chinese new year thumbprint lanterns

We have already made some chinese dragons and this weekend I am planning on making this Chinese New Year lapbook from Twinkl with Seb.

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