Friday, 12 February 2016

Cute Valentines Suncatchers for kids

With Valentines Day on Sunday I know lots of you will be looking for a simple heart craft to do this weekend with the little ones. How about making some cute Valentines Suncatchers?
Valentines Suncatchers

These are really easy peasy and look so effective, plus they are super quick to make. Basically if you have a laminator, you can make one.

Firstly you need a frame for your suncatcher,  I used a couple of the boys paintings that we had lying around in the kitchen but you can use plain paper or thin card too. Cut out a heart frame (remember to keep it at a size that fits in the laminator.

Lay the heart in a laminating pouch and fill in the middle with coloured tissue paper and heart sequins until you are happy with it. Close the laminating pouch, smooth and laminate.

Once cool, cut around the heart, carefully make a hole for hanging with some scissors and thread some ribbon, twine or a pipe cleaner through. Hang in a window and watch the sun shine through.
Cute heart suncatchers

Told you it was easy!

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