Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lemon Jelly Playdough

Last week I had an urge to make play dough. I absolutely love homemade playdough but Alex received a huge bumper set of the ready made stuff for his birthday so recently we have been playing with that instead(such a great activity to have on the kitchen table to keep little ones busy while you cook).

So back to my playdough making urge. As it was pancake day, I decided it would have to be lemon scented and I figured as I had some lemon jelly powder I would use that,  similar to the kool aid dough I have made before.
Lemon jelly playdough

2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup salt
1 sachet lemon jelly powder
1 cup boiling water
yellow food colouring (I use sugarflair gels)

Combine the flour and salt in a large bowl. In a cup mix the jelly powder, boiling water and a little food colouring together before adding this to the flour and salt a small amount at a time until you end up with a sticky dough. Allow to cool a little and then need the dough until it is no longer sticky.

I set it out with a whole load of tools and cutters and the boys were away, Sebastian was printing words into the dough and making patterns with tools, Alex enjoyed cutting out shapes and pushing his hands into the dough to make prints. They both made pancakes from the dough and built up stacks of them.  All the while the fresh lemony scent kept wafting up to our noses.
Lemon jelly playdough

Lemon jelly playdough

Lemon jelly playdough

Lemon jelly playdough

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