Saturday, 20 February 2016

Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

On Valentines Day Phil gave me a little treat of a Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb. At 8 months pregnant the bath is my favourite place to be, I could spend hours in there!

I will be honest and say that in store I had passed over this product in favour of the Unicorn Horn but I am so glad that Phil picked this up for me because it is LOVELY!
Lush lover lamp bath bomb

The main reason I overlooked it was because it isn't the most exciting product to look at (as a long time fan of Lush I should know better), a creamy white bath bomb with 3 small hearts, it is a simple design. However it smells gorgeous, vanilla and chocolaty with a hint of orange, a scent combination that I personally really like. 

The magic happens when you add it to your fizzes quickly leaving the bath a creamy milky colour with a trail of cute tiny red confetti hearts plus the 3 hearts embedded into the bath bomb which are in fact solid cocoa butter. What a treat!
Lush Lover Lamp bath bomb

Lush lover lamp bath bomb

The bath water smelt amazing, and was so soft and I used the cocoa butter hearts to massage all over my bump which at this stage is feeling very tight and itchy. It really soothed and moisturised my poor suffering skin. You could also leave these hearts to melt in the water for a more generalised moisture hit.

After my bath I didn't really feel like I needed to moisturise as the bath bomb itself did the job, if I wasn't suffering with dry skin I wouldn't have bothered. 

The only disappointment with this product is that it is limited edition,  I really hope Lush bring out a similar product as I really recommend it for anyone who is pregnant and suffering with an itchy bump!

The bath bomb is still available online priced at £3.95. 

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