Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Ah Lush I love you so, always bringing out new products for us to play with. Now if you are a bit of a Lush addict like me then you will know that the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar was actually sold last year and has been relaunched for Valentines Day so isn't brand new but it has been changed a little so I wanted to review it. 

The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar looks exactly like a unicorn horn should. Pretty candy colours swirled together with a silvery lustre, it is as pretty as a picture, probably one of the most gorgeous Lush products. 
Lush unicorn horn bubble bar

The bar smells of lavender and also contains Neroli Oil said to brighten your mood.  I personally am not a huge lavender fan however I do like it in this product, it isn't too overpowering.

As with all bubble bars to use, you simply crumble some of the bar under running water. Inside the Unicorn Horn is lovely and bright. I used half of the bar and it created more than enough soft bubbles, you could probably stretch it to 3 baths for more value. The scent lingered for quite some time but as above it isn't overpowering. I know some people worry about the glitteryness of Lush products and while this one does have a lustre I didn't find it glittery at all.

I didn't find that the water changed colour at all when I used this product which is the only disappointing thing for me. I would LOVE to see Lush making a bath bomb version of the Unicorn Horn and make full use of the gorgeous colours and lustre.

Each bar costs £4.25 which is a big jump from last year's price of £3.25. However you can get at least 2 baths from this product so I think it is still good value. 

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